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After-sales information

Mutine Canadian Service Center

Acoustic Technologies Inc.

1970, Beaubien Street East
Montreal, Quebec H2G 1M1

Contact: Joe De Melo

Phone (514) 387-4944

Email info@acoustic-tech.com

Web www.acoustic-tech.com

Mutine U.S. Service Center

True Sound
136 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell CA 95008
Contact: Nick Gowan
Phone (408) 370-7578
Fax (408) 370-7581
Email gowan@tsound.com
Web www.tsound.com

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Validity of the warranty


- The warranty is non transferable, hence applies only to the first end user purchaser.
- The warranty resides with the point of purchase of the product.

- The warranty on Mutine products is NOT VALID if the product has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer or if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or replaced in any way.
- The warranty on Audiomat output tubes is void if the Mutine Labels are removed.

- Any product delivered to our Service Centers without a RMA number (Return Material Authorization) issued before by Mutine will be considered out of warranty.

Warranty duration

- actinote: 2 years.
- Audioart - Van Medevoort: 1 year.
- Audiomat: 2 years (tubes 3 months).
- CEC: 1 year.
- Duevel: Planets, Enterprise: 2 years; Venus, Bella Luna, Jupiter, Sirius: 5 years.
- Demo products sold by Mutine: 3 months.

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All inquiries regarding a specific unit must include the following information:
- Product model and serial number
- Your name
- Your telephone number
- Your email address
- Your complete address
- The dealer where you purchased the item.

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Service and repair

Our goal is to make sure that only legitimate customers receive the expected service, and will be without music for a minimum amount of time. To that end, an established system of dealing with broken products is necessary.

The procedure is as follows:

1. In case of malfunction, bring back or send your product with a a written accurate problem description to the dealer where you purchased it, in the full original package, with all the accessories and manuals.
Our custom designed packaging minimizes the chances of freight damage. Any damage resulting from an incorrect packaging will not be covered by the warranty. Any unit that isn't properly packaged when arriving at our factory will, at our discretion, be repacked in new original packaging at your expense. This is for your benefit and strictly to avoid any potential damage during shipping.

2. The dealer will test the product, then inform Mutine about the warranty status and problem description.

3. The dealer will contact the Mutine Service Center prior to sending in the product so that the technician can eliminate any “easy” fixes that he can help the dealer resolve.

4. Upon receipt of the unit, our Service Centers will make repairs as expeditiously as possible.

5. In the rare case of a customer having an out-of-the-box failure, the unit, provided it is complete and in mint condition, will be exchanged for a new one by Mutine if the Service Centers cannot fix the problem within 48 hours plus the time needed for shiping and return. This problem can be effectively eliminated if the dealer plays every product sold for at least a day prior to delivery to the customer, hence we encourage end users to ask their dealer to perform this check-up for them.

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