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Company philosophy

The Audiomat brand presents many aspects, which became very rare, not so say unique in high fidelity world.

Created in 1986, it has kept intact its directing principles throughout its entire existence.

These principles are:

- An exceptional technological mastery, however tempered by permanent good common sense, not to get carried away in the technique purely for the technique.
- Not being marketing oriented, the company is not motivated by spectacular ads. It rather relies on its know-how perfected day after day, year after year.
- It references prototypes by listening sessions for all decisions. Like all the initiated well know, no measuring gear or device can equal the human ear to judge the final performances of a product.
- A total absence of preconceived ideas concerning the technologies or methods, which is why Audiomat has created world reference products whether it is an analog or digital product, a tube or transistor product, an integrated or separate product.
- Constant humility, which leads to openmindness totally free of any arrogance.
- Bullitt proof patience. Especially in this era characterized by quick launched and botched products only to get a quick buck.
- At Audiomat, progressive evolution of a product is done at a very slow pace. Audiomat studies it products for years before they can be launched. The «record» at this time has been the choice of one resistance in the output filter of the Audiomat Maestro converter, choice that has taken six months or listening tests and much thought and consideration.
- Direct consequence of the above, an exceptional stability of the product line. At Audiomat it sometimes takes ten years between two versions of a model. The Prélude integrated amplifier, which is the model that has undergone the most versions, has seen the launch of its fourth version at the end of twenty years. During this period, most brands will be up to their twentieth model…
- The decision to maintain the artisan approach. Audiomat has had the opportunity to grow throughout its existence because the demand has always exceeded the offer. The only blame to the company has been it’s extended delivery delays. For many years Mutine has fought to be able to create a permanent stock for years. It has been a reality only since 2006. Audiomat has settled once and for all to maintain its artisan approach to obtain this product assembling perfection, which generates so much admiration. Audiomat products are always assembled by one person only. A Récital integrated amplifier requires a full week to assemble by an experimented technician. It would be easy to automate parts of the assembly process, but Audiomat simply refuse to do it.
- A price structure based on the fabrication costs rather than on product positioning in comparison to competing products. This is in total conflict with the majority of the brands throughout the world. This explains why many reviews will often state things like: « …worth three times it’s price», « beats the competition…regardless of price». Since its creation the Audiomat brand is used to see its products compared by reviewers and resellers with competing products costing literally many times the price.

It’s the sum of all those factors make every Audiomat product a «classic». It is conceived over a long period of time, which spans on many years, then carefully assembled by hand with passion then tested and meticulously listened to before it can finally be released to the consumer. So musical and natural it draws its owner right into the music, so user friendly and easy to maintain that the technique disappears, and so reliable that it can be passed on to the children and to the grand children.

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