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Montreal FSI 2008

Festival du Son et de l'Image 2008

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Press comments

"Last year, indeed, there were so many unusually awful rooms that Mutine's oasis of quiet was especially appreciated.
Well, Mutine's two rooms were still popular, even though one had to line up (visitors were limited to the number of available chairs).
The Duevel Bella Luna Diamante were a hit, in part no doubt because they were well accompanied: a CEC TL0X transport, an Audiomat Maestro Référence converter and an Audiomat Récital Mk2 tube amplifier.
Gérard Rejskind,
UHF Magazine

"The Duevel Planets loudspeaker is one of the most elegant and simple solutions to omni-directional sound I've seen. Above each upward-facing driver is positioned a chromed ball for dispersion. While providing a reasonable soundstage, don't expect pinpoint imaging here — it is much more like live sound than perfectionist stereo. Moreover, the soundstage remained consistent as I walked about the room — no sweet spot, and no collapse of the image when sitting off to the side.
In another room, Mutine exhibited their Duevel Bella Luna Diamante omni-directional loudspeaker driven by Mutine's Audiomat Recital MkII integrated amplifier fed by a C.E.C TLOX v2 transport and Audiomat Maestro Reference DAC with a separate power supply. While still an omni-directional presentation, the music took a significant upward leap in quality in this room.
Enjoy the Music.com's editor, Steven R. Rochlin, was among the very first to 'discover' these speakers and as such reviewed the original Bella Luna many years ago within the Review Magazine."
Rick Becker,
Enjoy The Music.com

"I'm glad I made it to the Mutine rooms this year. Great people who love music. The room with the bigger speakers was a rare example of sheer beauty, elegance and refinement from a sonic point of view.
(...) all the music they played sounded very nice indeed and no doubt accounted for the very good tastes on their behalf. The smaller Planets also managed to sound very pleasant, even at the modest price tag ..."
Oakville, ON