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Montreal FSI 2007

Festival du Son et de l'Image 2007

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Press comments

"In both cases, the rooms were an oasis of musical pleasure which contrasted with the hideous noises emerging from a number of surrounding rooms, some sounding more like chains saws than music."
GĂ©rard Rejskind,
UHF Magazine

This room impressed me immensely. Here was a system were music just breathed out effortlessly without any electronic signature. There was certainly a little magic occurring in this room and I could have spent the entire weekend here."
Paul Candy,

"Before we heard this outstanding rig, we were treated to a mini-lecture by Pascal Ravach who brought the Mutine philosophy to light in terms that could be understood even by a novice in this pursuit. Mutine is a rather strange and unique entity, being in the position of both distributor for other select manufacturers and manufacturer of their own products."
Rick Becker,