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What's New?


New auditorium

The first auditorium is built.
The listening sessions are booked by phone; just leave us a message at (514) 691-3961.

New Mutine web site

Our present web site was designed before the success of tablets; this is why its menu system works only on computers.
For our new website, I had accepted a designer's offer, but his final proposal to link us to the Adobe Cloud subscription didn't convince us. A significant investment, lost. We have begun designing our future site ourselves, it will be done for this Summer.

New products

The two last years saw a few nice things coming out!
After my usual tests, I have adopted them.
They will deserve full pages on the new web site.

The most significant onea are:

- The Audiomat Solfège Référence 20, a 2x 45W integrated amplifier able to control even the most difficult loads.
A new reference!.

- The Audiomat Maestro 3, the latest Dac with an Usb 2.0 input ready for all the most recent standards, and an optional ethernet card

- The CEC CD5, a CD player with digital inputs for external sources.

- The Duevel Enterprise, a model between the Planets and the Venus, with already many fans (review available on Positive FeedBack).


Van Medevoort

Since years, I hope to find a line of affordable electronics built in Europe and filling Mutine's very stringent requirements about their musicality. It's done: I launch on the North-American Market the brand Van Medevoort, beginning with the MA260, a Class A 2x 100 Watts integrated amplifier including a very musical Dac, at a very affordable price, entirely designed and built in Europe to professional standards.
The MA260 integrated stereo amplifier with D/A converter is built with the best sounding DAC chips, very fast pre amplifiers, the unique dynamic class "A" power stage technology and a large multi section power supply. This gives the highest quality musical performance and best control over your loudspeaker system with any kind of music. The housing is extremely solid with a beautiful finish and a front plate in silver. Six inputs are available for connection of all sources, as well analog and digital, even USB. One of the three SPDif inputs is also switchable between coaxial en optical.

To celebrate the arrival of Van Medevoort at Mutine, the launch price is Cad 1,990.00 !

On request, all Van Medevoort products are available from Mutine.
We simply begin our introduction of the brand with the MA260; other products will follow, after our internal tests.

The big move... (frequently updated)

2015... we still work hard to progress with the new building.
Each day brings new challenges, each time the result amazes us.


We have received the long-awaited CEC CD3N integrated CD Player.
Being a combination of a TL3N and a DA3N, and replacing the TL51XR of great fame, it offers many improvements, including a dual-belt mechanism, as in the reference TL0X.
For those in search of a CD-based system, it offers a great value for money... and a gorgeous transport for all the Audiomat Dacs!


I remember asking Markus Duevel in... 2007: when will you release a model between the Planets and the Venus? The answer is here: the Duevel Enterprise look like upscaled Planets... but their performance is another league! Testing them (even not broken-in), jaw-dropped, we had a few words in mind: incredibly lively, joyful, communicative... these babies swing!
I understand why it took Duevel so many years to create them.
Very affordable, they can be driven by any amplifier with a solid output; paired with an Audiomat integrated, they shine.



We launched two new Phono preamps: the Phono 1.6 (adopted by UHF or their reference systems...

... and the Phono 2, once again adopted by UHF for their reference systems!


We have waited a couple years... but it is here! The legendary drive TL51X has a succesor, the TL3N. The new version received a dual belt mechanism, like the reference model TL0X. Another decade of musical pleasure !

We have finished testing the CEC DA3N Dac.
The natural matching component for the TL3N, it shares with the TL the quad BNC link.
This "Superlink" connexion performs very well in the specific context of the TL3N Mutine Edition - DA3N combo: I was reluctant to admit it (since in the past external clock systems never gave me as good results as the actinote - Audiomat approach), but the result is more than honorable, in fact quite close to the sonic rendering of the actinote XLR Aria, with a little bit less bodyness, a little bit less presence, and a little bit more airiness.
Since the 4 BNC cables are included in the DA3N's package, the DA3N's value for money, already excellent, is even further raised. Moreover, with Usb inputs (one in 24 bits/96 kHz), a variable output and a headphone connector, the DA3N offers a lot to feed a musical system.

The matching is perfect with the CEC AMP5300R amplifier.

With an Audiomat Arpège Référence, the result is also superb.

The CEC AMP5300R integrated amplifier (not to be confused with the former AMP5300, this one is a totally redesigned version) has made many music lovers happy, with its superb value for money.

This one is not new, but I also decided to offer the CEC HD53N, the natural evolution of the much enjoyed HD53R v8.
I like so much the HD53R that I'm eager to test this improved version with my favourites headphones!


Duevel gives the exlusive distribution of its products to Mutine for the US.
This mean more work for my semi-retirement, but leaving music lovers in this country without access to these wonderful loudspeakers was really too bad.

After one year spent listening to the Duevel Sirius, I must admit that they exceed all my expectations... and this feeling is shared by my friends and customers.
They can be driven by a small mono-triode... or by a big push-pull. Each time, they magnify the system.
Real jewels that make you marvel at them each time you listen to them...



Addition of the Audiomat Aria integrated amplifier in the Products menu.
This new model in full class A replaces the former Opéra, incorporates all the latest discoveries by the brand, and has surprised me by its potential in driving difficult loudspeakers.


Montreal FSI 2008 Show

The Montreal FSI 2008 was my "good-bye show"... 20 shows in 8 countries in 20 years... I just had decided it was time for my semi-retirement; the emotion was there, and it was another memorable show. The warm welcome we received from the press and the public was magnificient. The smiles on the visitors' faces were worth all our efforts. You will find pictures and press comments by clicking here.



Addition of the Audiomat Opéra Référence review by Paul Candy of 6moons.com in the Reviews page.
The Opéra Référence has received the Blue Moon Award for "Musical Insight & Emotional Involvement in the tube integrated category".

Paul Candy has purchased his Audiomat during the summer 2008, like other respected reviewers before him.

What can we add? That a total of eight reviewers in North-America have ended up buying one of the Audiomat models?
That even some competitors have purchased an Audiomat to use in their personal system?


A new brand is a rare event at Mutine!
We are happy to welcome in Canada Duevel and their omni-directional loudspeakers, the Planets, Venus and Bella Luna Diamante. Omnis are not new to us, having played with four brands during twelve years... until twenty years ago. We know that this sonic presentation is a like-dislike affair... but Markus Duevel has managed to push the concept to its best potential!
The absence of a sweet spot is very relaxing, and the most appropriate description of the Duevel sound is: visceral and... addictive.
Duevel has won many awards and prizes... without having any advertising!

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